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Mother Nature


Perinatal      Service
Pregnancy & Postpartum


Endometriosis & Persistent Pelvic Pain


Empowered Relief Instructor


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Rebecca Reidy

Registered Psychologist

located at: The Women's Health Centre

2/118 Main Street, Mittagong, NSW

ph: 0401 882 508


Unrecognizable young father with his son


Therapy for women & men dealing with​;​

- pre-conception concerns, uncertainty      

   and infertility 

- unplanned pregnancy   

- pregnancy complications 

- pregnancy stress / worries of any sort or

   mental health concerns

- miscarriage and still-birth loss

- coming to terms with birthing experience

- assessment and treatment for post-natal 

   emotional well-being  

- attachment feelings and baby bonding 

- stress, fatigue, overwhelm and adjustment    

   after childbirth

- parenting babies & young children

- questions about creating great relationships

- other complicated feelings

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Why & What 

The paths to parenthood are varied. At any stage you may feel you could benefit from extra support whether it's uncertainty about choosing your path, un-expected events along the way or deep grief that your path has disintegrated, a psychologist can offer strategies and support for your journey. 

Caring for babies and young children offers the rewards of fulfilment, joy and fun while simultaneously being incredibly hard, emotionally exhausting and isolating work for many parents. Some parents thrive yet many quietly experience distress adjusting to their new role. Common challenges are coping with unsettled babies, feeling ill-equipped, having deep trauma triggered, loneliness, feelings of overwhelm with big emotions as well as experiencing financial and relationship stress at this time. 

The counselling process involves taking time out to think through challenges that are being experienced, developing insight and coping strategies to address the identified goals. My counselling work aims to support parents to thrive in their own unique experience of parenthood, utilise strengths to create positive change and parent with confidence. Attending counselling in a nurturing space without judgement can be very healing, comforting and a start to making your family relationships rich, resilient and rewarding.

As a Psychologist I am registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority (AHPRA) and are bound by an ethical code governing our practice and maintenance of professional knowledge including supervision. This code includes strict confidentiality guidelines and the provision of evidence based treatment. 


Mother Nature Psychology provides a focused perinatal counselling service to compliment the existing services of the Southern Highlands NSW meeting the needs of the community around the vulnerable life stages of pregnancy and parenting in the early years. Bringing a wholehearted focus to support women and men to build resilience in their relationships and experience greater joy and emotional wellbeing.


Previously I have worked in community health and hospital settings working with children, families, adolescents and youth. I bring to my work experience from corporate and government roles in both city and rural settings and plenty of life experience from travel and work abroad.  Now preferring a simple life I spend my time at my clinic or with my family and pet dog, working on growing a vegetable garden and attempting to ride my bike as often as possible. Learn More.

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